Recenty Many businesse man began to recommend rock v5 rugged smart phone which is protected from dust, shockproof, waterproof three anti-mobile phone.
So Experts suggest that Purchasing of waterproof rugged mobile phone not just see cheap price,You must look carefully the three-ati factors.

The student's use the phone very carelessly and they offen fall off the phone,So Rugged smart phones is the best suitalbe ones for student group.
The rock v5 three anti-cell phone which has a minor of dust-proof, shock-proof, waterproof phone is the most suitable for outdoor sports people groun and the student group.

"Due to the different coefficients of three anti-mobile phone mainly into two categories on market right now,the first category is a professional or military-three mobile phones, this phone can withstand soaked in water for a certain period of time and the car rolled. 
Secondthe class is a the ordinary three anti-cell phone, but it is three anti auxiliary function is the same with ordinary mobile phones on the market there is no significant difference.

Most of the rugged smart phone on market in fact don't have the real fuction of dust-proof, shock-proof, waterproof,there are just ordinary phone.for example,the waterproof Rate,
Waterproof rating, in fact, has a product standard industrial code for the IP, the common level IP-54, IP-67, IP-68, the larger the number, the better that their protection.
Most of the big brant of rugged smart phone will have this related Logo,You can see all this marks from our Runbo series Rugged smart phone.

So last words,Purchasing of waterproof rugged mobile phone not just see cheap price,The most important is three-anti factors.