Top three anti-mobile phone brands RUNBO's RUNBO X5 has been listed hot selling,
 rumors RUNBO X5 also still holds partly concealed. And recently, 
foreign sites have been sources leaked runbo x5 configuration,
 function and design information, the estimated runbo x5 release date is not far off.

Allegedly, RUNBO X5 network support GSM, WCDMA dual-mode dual card, 
equipped with a dual-core processor, multi-tasking are alone, in addition, 
RUNBO X5 800-megapixel HD camera, plus its unique camera features image stabilization optimization, 
to better meet the needs of multi-camera, I believe will win a lot of fans.

Another message is displayed, runbo x5 faster charging, 
when the length of the control in six hours or less, 
Runbo x5 sure will be equipped with 4000 mA large capacity battery, 
said its unique power-saving technology superior intelligence, will bring more lasting new smartphones realm, 
so this new machine adds another new features and selling points.

RUNBO X5, configure high-speed 1GHz processor, 
built-in 4G eMMC large capacity memory. 4.3 inches 480 * 800 LCD touch screen, 
while equipped with 8 megapixel camera and 300,000 front camera,
 4-inch intelligent machines are present mainstream configurations. 
3800 mA oversized battery and low power consumption design provides more endurance.

Main youth line, can easily replace the back cover colorful 4.3-inch screen is also a major part RUNBO X5, 
touch screen after hardening, anti-fingerprint, anti-oil, anti-scratch. 
Cell phone is no longer too squeamish withstand any fall, scraping consumable goods, 
more in line with youthful family's needs. Compared to the other three anti-cell phone frequently the price of a few thousand dollars, 
this RUNBO X5 is undoubtedly the most cost-effective a three anti-mobile phone.
   RUNBO X5 with IPX5/IPX8 waterproof (IPX8 waterproof is the highest level), 
IP5X dustproof performance, and used by the U.S. military standard MIL-STD-810,
 I must mention, RUNBO X5 Mill by the U.S. military standard thinnest smartphone. 
And the market's general three different anti-machine, 
RUNBO X5 is the real deal professional three anti-mobile phone,
 ordinary three anti-machine only dustproof, waterproof (up to eight standard), scratch function, b
ut also has good anti-shock protection,can be described as is one of the necessary equipment for outdoor enthusiasts.
   Runbo X5 built of earth leader in software is also one of its characteristics, 
the earth leader has a compass, footprints, thermometer, sun and moon rise and set, 
star charts and other functions, 
which can not only record footprint function the user's current location information,
 and can be themselves footprints recorded in the map, 
while records under the prevailing mood and feelings, and can be a variety of ways to share to friends and family, 
which for outdoor enthusiasts and outdoor workers, it is a very helpful feature.

The pepole who love waterproof smart phones, outdoor and related fishery, construction and other outdoor industry friends and do not miss this opportunity, got it early "action."
When you hear the word of waterproof  phone you can not help to think of the Runbo X5,
exactly what it led to waterproof smart phones booming,
also it allows ordinary mobile phone users access to waterproof dustroof cell phone concept.

Runbo X5 can aviod splashing, dust, scratching which is a combination of high performance, 
stylish and durability of 3G smart phones. Its Hardware configuration is also more powerful, 
with a 800MHz TI OMAP3610 processor, combined with 2GB ROM +512 MB RAM,
 the machine runs very smoothly, with a Android4.0 system, 
with commonly used Bluetooth, WIFI and GPS and other functions, is very comprehensive ability outstanding.

Runbo X5 is not like  the old waterproof cell phone which with big and bulky appearance impression, 
it's overall measurements controlled at 107mm × 59mm × 13.4mm, weighs about 118 grams, in the hands of a relatively delicate. 
The machine uses a 4.3-inch touch screen with a resolution of 480 × 854 pixels, 
the display is very delicate. Built-in 800-megapixel rear camera with auto-focus and LED fill light, very nice image when taking photos.
 Sophisticated slim body with a unique frame design can be more effective barrier liquid and dust intrusion.

    In support of First Lady to lead the wave of local brands, the top three anti the phone Runbo X5 domineering debut, and instantly spike three mobile phones of all brands, seems to have become nowadays a hot three anti-mobile phone representative.

Excellent workmanship good reputation, RUNBO X5 have gained market recognition and consumer recognition, its price and performance can be regarded as the first choice of the three anti-mobile phone.

The so-called ordinary three mobile phones in the market the highest reached only life waterproof IP57 level.And Runbo X5 sealing level of IP67, which means that this top outdoor three anti-cell phone completely sealed against dust, and can be placed in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes can still work.

More commendable, runbo x5 take into account in the design of outdoor sports enthusiasts may face a variety of harsh environments, provides the user with a height of 2 m drop resistance and tons of static compression of high-strength body design.Perfect thanks to the whole internal structure of the core design, the measured 1-ton car pressure, runbo x5 no damage, no dust intrusion, such as new compression dust capacity breathtaking.

    Tibet is a place of special significance for most of the people interested in traveling from, around after May to October, which is the possession and the most suitable season. But with Hard conditions to Tibet, and the requirements for communications equipment is relatively high, not only fully functional, and preferably also with three anti-function. Today we gave friends into Tibet plans to recommend some excellent three mobile phones, into the possession of schemes friends do not miss.
Runbo X5 is the necessary equipment of going to Tibet,Which this model can satisty whatever your need.