runbo x5 and x3
is a very powerful three anti-mobile phone, which can be isolated from the dust, to prevent vibration,
Runbo X5 can be soaked in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes long, and can withstand the weight of 400 kg, the wear resistance ability is also exceed our expectation.

runbo x5 uses the traditional T9 keyboard candybar shape, its body measurements reached rough 130.7 × 59.7 × 21.7mm, 180g weight is relatively heavy.
The screen of Runbo X5 is also covered with high-strength glass, the biggest feature is the three features, and its level of protection has reached the highest level of IP67,
it can completely prevent entry of dust and water immersion and beat the fuselage.

in Functions, Runbo X5 not only has shock drop resistance in addition to the three anti-dust function, but also has the basic functions of the general mobile phone and GPS navigation function.
in Call aspect, Runbo x5 use the GSM network mode. Support for GPRS, EDGE data services, GSM mode supports 900/1800/1900MHz bands. inCamera side, Runbo X5 supports timer function.
in Entertainment, Runbo X5 owned and polyphonic ring tones and a 87.5-108MHz radio. Built-in games, support for video, audio playback. As the key performance indicators of the three anti characteristics,
Runbo x5 dustproof performance reached five grade, waterproof standard recah to 7 grade, drop performance can be achieved free fall distance of 2 meters.

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